5 Reasons to charter a Yacht

Experience Freedom

From the moment you leave the port, you are in another world. Unrestricted. As you see the coast moving away and getting smaller, so do all your problems and worries. They all stay there while you are here, unreachable.

Move around, pick whatever course you like and enjoy the open horizon and blue sky above you. You are in nature and at the same time you are away from everything. You are free.


Bond with your family

We’ve all been there. It is either you or them. Usually parents need to “suffer” a little while their children play at the ball park. Or the kids are bored during a family dinner at a restaurant. Conversations are interrupted. Mobile phones and iPads are required to keep order. And in the end, you feel that not everybody enjoyed the same.

That’s different on a boat.

From the moment you get on board, you enter a new world. You will get pampered by the crew while your children will happily explore every corner of the yacht. Or ask the captain silly questions. The crew are not babysitters as they have a boat to handle, but the fact is that children are usually quite entertained on their own while you can relax. In the middle of the sea, they cannot run away or bother others. And when the water toys get out, all you will hear is the sound of the waves, the music and their happy laughter.

Without doubt spending time together on a boat is quality time. There is only a handful of activities that the whole family will enjoy at the same time, that is the parents, children and even the grand-parents. You only bring the technology that you want and most of the time your kids will discover that watching dolphins is more entertaining that watching Netflix.

Finally, you will have time to lay back, enjoy each other and really do something together.

Try how the “other half” lives

Have you ever been curious what would it be to live a life a millionaire? Or maybe you already are one of them, but haven’t bought a yacht yet. Well, here you have a chance to experience it for a day. When you hire a yacht from us, you receive an invitation to a different world.

The boat trip starts even before you step on board. It starts when you begin to imagine yourself arriving to the port, walking among the crowd and knowing that you are up to something new and different. Something unique. And then it becomes real. There is a certain feeling that you feel when you spot people taking pictures of you while departing from the port on a yacht. Just few moments ago you were one of them, but now they see you as “the lucky one”. If only they knew that the only thing they have to do is to hire a yacht and they can feel it, too.

Live something new

Whether you are on holiday or live next to the sea, spending a day on a yacht is something you should do. It doesn’t matter if you came here to relax with your family or party with your friends, a break on board a nice yacht is always a good idea. Or just continue the party on board.

Time spent at sea moves differently and it is something you have to experience to understand. It invites you to disconnect and relax on a whole new level. Because your worries are so far away, you can truly rest and regain energy. We have seen some of the most profound naps on board and some of the widest smiles.

Swim in the middle of the sea. Try some of the latest water toys. Watch dolphins in their natural habitat. Live something new.

Create memories

Why do we travel? Is it just to visit nice places? Is it to meet new people? Try new food? Live different experiences? We think that it all comes to creating memories. You can bring home all the souvenirs you want, but the things you will remember the most are not material.

It is the smell of the salt in your hair. The adrenaline rush you felt when you jumped from the top deck into the sea. That feeling of happiness in your heart when you saw the wide grin on your children’s face. The warm peace of the last Sun rays caressing you while watching the sunset. The thrill of seeing a pod of dolphins follow the boat or the laughter you shared when your friend performed a particularly clumsy dive.

These are all moments that will stay with you long after your yacht charter is over. You can remember thinking about doing it or you can remember doing it. It is up to you to choose which kind of memories you want to create.

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