Frequently asked questions

General rules

Our intention is to provide everything you will need, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something at home.

There are couple of things however that we cannot do and you will need to bring them yourself:

  • Swimsuit. You will be on a boat so prepare to get wet
  • Sunscreen. We usually have some on board but we cannot guarantee it will be your favourite brand.
  • Sunglasses
  • Good mood. You come to relax and enjoy so please leave your worries at home

We provide towels on almost every boat and refreshments are also included. Please refer to the section below for details.

Yes. Most of our clients are international so we make sure our staff and crew are able to effectively communicate with you. Everybody speaks English and usually a language or two more.

Our prices already include everything you would expect so there are no extra charges on top. No fuel apart, no skipper apart, no tax apart.. 

We include a professional skipper on all our boats and an additional crew member(s) on the bigger ones. Fuel is included for a standard day out and of course we will not charge you for things like drinks or final cleaning.

VAT (Value Added Tax) is included in all our prices as well so there are really no surprises when you rent a boat with us.

For overnight stays or week stays the conditions may be slightly different so please contact us in case of doubt.

On some of our boats we even include water toys or another extras like jetski or a Seabob – you will always find it indicated in the details of each boat.

As in every service oriented business, tips are quite common in the yachting industry. The crew works hard to ensure that you have a wonderful time on board so if you feel like they deserve it, you can offer a small gratuity. In no case this is an obligation and should only reward an outstanding service. Our captains and crew all earn competitive wages for their work so they don’t depend on earning any extra income.

Because different cultures have different customs in this regard it may be quite difficult to get a notion of what a correct amount should be. The MYBA (The Worldwide Yachting Association) issued a recommendation for a range between 5 to 15% of the charter price as a guideline some time ago, but then again – you should not feel any obligation to reward the crew any further than a Thank you.

As a general rule no.

Most boat owners will not allow pets on board. They can become nervous or sea sick and react in a strange way so this is a matter of precaution. In very rare cases and normally leaving a big security deposit (for if your tiny doggy pees on the masters bed or chews the super expensive sofa) it can be possible but we recommend leaving your pets at home anyway.

No. We firmly believe that you should be enjoying on board and leave the work to us so we only provide crewed charters.

Due to the geographical situation of Marbella and it’s proximity to Africa, it is actually quite uncommon for someone to rent you a boat bigger than 5 or 6 meters without supervision. If you are into that, you will need to look in another area.

No. In order to rent a jetski, you will need to contact one of the jetski centers on the beach. It is the only way to rent a jetski without a valid boat license.

We normally rent our boats for either full day (8 hours) or half day (4 hours).

If you take the boat for the whole day we will be more flexible with the time but usually we will start between 10:00 and 12:00 to finish at 18:00 or 20:00.

Half day charters are either morning or afternoon. Morning times are 10:00 to 14:00 or 11:00 to 15:00 as latest and afternoon times would start at 15:00 to 19:00 or later. We cannot really rent you a boat for 4 hours in the middle of the day as you would be taking the whole day and should therefore pay a 8 hours rate.

Some of our boats will also rent for shorter periods of time like 2 or 3 hours. This should be at the beginning or at the end of the day – normally for example from 11:00 to 13:00 in the morning or a very popular Sunset trip starting between 18:00 and 19:00, depending on the time of the year.

Yes you can. We understand that although our 4/8 hours packages fit most people they may not fit your plans exactly. Usually for a 5 hours charter you will pay an hour extra and as long as it still fits our morning/afternoon slots, there will not be a problem.

For a 6 (or 7) hours charter, the work involved and the time that you will be using the boat is almost the same as for a full day charter. If we include the time to get the boat ready before and cleaned after the charter, the crew will actually work the whole day. Also we normally won’t be able to rent it to anyone else so you are basically renting it for the whole day. Because of this, although we will be able to offer a 6 hours charter, the price will be closer to a full day charter than to a half day charter. Why would you want to spend less time on board anyway!

Food & Drinks

On all our boats (except the group catamarans) we include complimentary drinks and snacks. We have water, soft drinks like cola and fanta, beer and cava (Spanish sparkling wine).

We don’t really count how many drinks we included per person, it is limited mainly by the size of the on board refrigerator. The bigger the boat, the more variety and quantity you can expect. 

We never had a customer complain about the lack of drinks, however an open bar should not be expected as our trips are nice and relaxing luxury experience, not a drink-all-you-can booze ride with cheap alcohol. For this kind of experience you will need to look elsewhere.

Yes, absolutely. Just let us know in advance and we will get you a quote for any drinks or food that you may want to add on board.

Please note that this service may take time and specially in high season we may need to have it confirmed and paid for several days in advance in order to be able to arrange everything.

Yes, we don’t have any issue with you bringing your own drinks or food. Just please note that there may not be enough space in the on board refrigerator so we highly recommend you bring them already cold.

Also please don’t bring red wine or any other artificially colored drinks (strawberry vodka is a good example) that may leave stains on the white deck. These stains are impossible to clean from the boat.

These rules are different on the group boats/catamarans where it is not possible to bring your own drinks so please check details of each boat before booking.

We include light snacks like crisps, olives, nuts etc. On the bigger yachts, fruit and sandwiches or similar will be provided, depending on what the crew prepares on the day.

These rules are different on the group boats/catamarans so please check details of each boat before booking.

Although we include snacks, lunch is not included on our charters. There are basically three options that you have for a full day charter to include lunch:

  • Get a caterting – great, customised food on board, but needs to be arranged in advance and little or no possibility to modify the menu on the day (see options below)
  • Stop in a port for lunch on land – this option allows for a short break, which on a full day and specially children appreciate. It also allows to choose what you will have for lunch in the moment
  • Get food delivered from a beach restaurant – during the Summer season, beach clubs like Nikki Beach will deliver to boats that come close. You can choose in the moment and still eat on board. It is the perfect mix of the two options above, although it is more weather dependent.

Yes we can. We collaborate with different local providers and are able to arrange from pizzas, through sushi all the way to Michelin star chefs. The choice is yours to make.

Please note that this service may take time and specially in high season we may need to have it confirmed and paid for several days in advance in order to be able to arrange everything.

Onboard equipment

All our boats are charter coded and comply with local regulations in terms of safety. We have all the safety equipment that you would expect on board and our crew have done the required training and more.

Life jackets for all sizes are on board, but please let us know in advance if you will be coming with a small baby or have any other extra request so we can make sure everything is organized in advance and we won’t loose time on the day of your charter.

Yes. All our boats are equipped with a music system, some of them with a very good one.

You will be able to connect your phone or any other music device through Bluetooth interface or a headphones cable (depending on the boat) and play your own music. Otherwise we can just play the radio or you can leave the selection to the captain..

Yes. We provide towels on all our boat except for the group boats/catamarans. All clean directly from the laundry to you.

If you are interested in fishing, we have a selection of dedicated fishing boats just for you. We prefer to take you out on a dedicated, specially equipped boat commanded by a captain expert in fishing than try to pretend we know what we are doing on a boat that is not designed for it.

Otherwise no, we don’t include fishing equipment on our yachts because of space constrains and the need to get a fishing licence for the boat. 


When you book with us we will charge you a deposit which serves to secure the booking as well as cover our costs in case you won’t show up (it does happen!). It also means that we will decline all other requests for the same boat and date.

If you decide to cancel your charter we may not be able to rent it our again, that’s why we will keep the deposit. If you cancel within 48 hours before the commencement of the trip, you should cover the whole price of the charter.

Regardless of these rules, we always listen to our clients and work hard to find the best solution. We are also quite flexible so just contact us and we are sure we can solve any issues.

Our primary concern is safety and right after that making sure you enjoy the most on board. If we see the weather forecast is not good for the day of your trip we will contact you and try to arrange an alternative day.

If a reschedule is not possible (for example the boat is not available or you are already leaving home) and we need to suspend the trip due to unfavorable weather conditions, we will refund completely everything you paid up to date.

We understand that sometimes it can be frustrating to change your plans when you already have a lot of expectations for the trip. But as we see it, if the weather is not right you will just have a better day staying at the pool. And we really want to make you happy.

Even though we spend a lot of time and money on maintenance of our boats, sometimes things can go wrong. If for a technical reason or similar we are unable to provide the boat that you booked, we will find an equal or better alternative for you or in the worst case refund you completely.

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