Tired of sitting at home?

Do you have enough of being inside? Does it feel like too long without being allowed to go out and specially without being allowed to enjoy activities with your family?

If you are looking for something that will take you outside of your home, that you can share with your family, outdoors and which is completely safe, keep reading.

I can go out of my house. Now what?

Our way of living has changed. Our way of enjoying the summer, too. There are no bars with full terraces and overcrowded beaches anymore. Now capacity limits are applied as well as other measures to prevent social contact due to the Coronavirus. And all these measures make it a bit less appealing to be jammed on a beach or come across dozens of strangers in a bar.

But our desire to enjoy hasn’t changed. Our desire to have fun. To have a good time. It is a bit different now, because we are more worried about out safety and the safety of or close ones, but it is still there. And we miss these special moments that suddenly have even more value than before.

Nautical tourism – one of the safest activities this summer

Renting a boat is one of the best options you have to enjoy open-air, comfortable and safe leisure this summer. Our boats are rented privately, this means that you won’t be sharing with other groups. Besides, you will be outdoors, in the nature and with unparalleled social distancing.

Being on board is like having a private beach. Without people and even without the annoying sand. You don’t have just your bit of the sea, you have all the sea at your reach. Breathe the fresh air and feel the freedom.

Boat charter is a perfect activity for families. Boating lets everyone enjoy – parents relax and can have a little rest while the children are having fun. At the end of the day, all of you will have enjoyed unforgettable moments together, in new environment and you will feel a pleasant tiredness caused by the Sun and salt water.

Because we don’t want you to be worried about anything, our boats and staff follow all the instructions from the health authorities and we apply cleaning and disinfection protocols to guarantee maximum safety.

These are some of the measures that we put into place

We follow the official Protocol for Protections and Prevention against Covid-19 from the Spanish National Nautical Asociation (ANEN). In addition, at all times we are adapting to the measures published by the authorities.

family on board

When will I be able to go on a boat?

Starting on Monday the 18th of May, the province of Malaga enters Phase 1 of the National Plan for Transition towards the New Normality. Among other thing this means that boating is finally allowed, although still with restrictions.

At first we can only sail in the waters of the province where the boat is located and withing 12 miles from the port. Besides, only residents of the same province where the boat is located may embark (in our case Málaga). In the following Phases, these limits will be broadened, but for that we will need to wait at least two weeks more.

The next condition is to comply with all the health requirements and recommendations of the authorities. All areas need to be properly disinfected and treated. In order to prevent crowds, the maximum allowed capacity on board is limited to 50% of the capacity normally allowed on the boat. In our case this will normally be 5 people + the skipper, depending on the boat. Only in cases when everybody on board lives in the same home is this limitation elevated to 100% of the capacity of the boat. But in no case it is allowed to have more than 10 people on board.

It is also required to respect the minimum safe distance, avoid the use of interior spaces like bathrooms and avoid sharing personal items (for example towels).

We also recommend to follow the health safety instructions on the way to and from the port as well as withing the port area.

I want to go out on a boat, what do I do?

Simply contact us. Press the button below to visit our contact page, fill in the form and we will contact you right away to see the details.

You can also call us or send us a message or email, we will answer just as fast.

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